Urban multiuser game “FastFoot”

Tuesday, 11 December 2007


This video about FastFoot at Bremen, Germany, shows a game. It is an amateur film, but here comes the explanation how the game works:

“If you are “X”: don’t get caught.
If you are a Runner: Get him!

Whether meeting up with friends, or just looking out for action and movement – you can get started anywhere, anytime. Everything evolves spontaneously. The game is fast, intuitive and it does markably increase your oxygen consumption!

One “X” plus 4 Runners = 5 players choose the radius of the field size and the duration of the game. “X” starts a few minutes earlier than the Runners, and he can already see their position on his mobile. The further he now gets away from them, the better his initial position will be. At the end of his warming up phase, the Runners start, as he shows up on their mobiles for the first time. From now on, they will regularly see his position. Can he escape or will the Runners catch him?

Whether “X” or Runner: you’ll need strategy, coordination, luck and you’ll need to be fast. The phone constantly provides you with information about the players, like their position, moving direction and speed. You can chat, set markers or tag certain positions. You won’t be shown a city map, so you’ll have to guess the exact movements of the Runners. “X”‘s position will be even harder to pin point. Anyone who leaves the game field is out!

Enjoy new perspectives on your city. Corners you’ve never been before, short cuts you’d never have taken otherwise. Everything around you becomes part of your game, as real and virtual world melt together!”