Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2008

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2008The Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2008 – the sixth one – to be held 19 – 21 February 2008 in the famous “Residenz M√ľnchen”, Germany, has been established as the European and international conference with global impact featuring invited high-ranking worldwide speakers from industry, science and governments dealing with the directions of satellite navigation now and in the future.In 2008 the main focus will be on how to achieve a ‘GNSS System of Systems’ in near future considering

  • the re-structured European Galileo program and the first studies on the evolution of it,
  • the activities in North America for the modernisation of the US Global Positioning System GPS (GPS-III),
  • the re-vitalisation of the Russian GLONASS system and its possible change to CDMA,
  • the launch of the first Chinese COMPASS satellite and the Chinese and Asian satellite navigation perspectives,
  • the developments in India, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

Munich Satellite Navigation Summit 2008

(Pictures: European Satellite Navigation Industries)

“Cruso” arrives at Munich

Saturday, 24 November 2007

The “first mobile city guide for pedestrians” is now available at some Munich hotels. Cruso started the gps gadget rental service at Berlin, where the inventor “Dreifach Einfach” is located.


Screenshot: Locative Media