Friday, 11 January 2008


A device for golfers by SkyGolf with technology from u-blox. From the press release:

“The SkyCaddie SG5 rangefinder uses GPS to answer the oldest question in golf, ‘how far?’, without looking for markers or wasting time pacing off distances. It calculates distances automatically providing golfers with the information they need to play on more than 17,000 golf courses in more than 45 countries. The SkyCaddie is like having a professional caddie in the palm of your hand. SkyGolf’s patented IntelliGreen technology also allows golfers to measure the full depth and shape of the green from any angle of approach and quickly calculate distances to up to 40 targets at a time, helping golfers gauge distances to hazards and choose the best club for their next shot.

PR: SkyGolf and u-blox bring TruePoint GPS technology to golfers worldwide

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